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One of the goals of XWeave is to provide training materials for using XML databases. Training can take place in any stage of our customer relationship. We can visit and start with explanations of XML database technologies and give examples of how they can be applied. Even now, you may check out our on-line training material:

Presentations in database development are currently available, though other presentations may be developed as needed. Training in database development is focused on data modeling and database development for complex application areas, and includes the following presentations:

  • Introduction to XML Technologies
  • Integrated Database Design
  • Leveraging Existing DBMS Storage for XML DBMS
  • Relational Database Adaptors
  • XML-enabled Database Systems

Or, we can prepare training after we understand the specific needs and possible solutions. We can develop a tailored training program to use in mentoring inhouse developers in effectively utilizing the appropriate technologies and design strategies to build the solution. We can also stick around and help if they have questions or difficulties.

Or, we can also build solutions and train the people that use the system.

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