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In consulting, we assist our customers in answering the following questions:

    What is the problem that needs solving?
    What are the needs of the people and systems that must be met?
    What technologies may be relevant?

Our approach to consulting takes place at one of three levels:

  • Needs Assessment - In conversation with the customer, we assess what the needs are and what the requirements are for any solution. The Needs Assessment results in documentation describing the problem, the needs of the people and systems, what requirements a solution would need to meet, an proposes what some of those solutions might look like. We like solving problems, and whether we build a solution or someone else does, the result is high quality documentation that can be used to solve the problem and meet the actual customer needs.
  • Analysis - Sometimes the problem is not clear. Sometimes that is the problem. We can handle vague, open-ended problems, too. In more in-depth interactions, we investigate what the root problem is. Based on our experience and insight, we may be able to suggest minor organizational modifications that simplify the problems to those that have technological solutions.
  • Research - Other times the problem is clear, it just happens to be difficult to solve. We like hard, challenging problems. If in our immediate area of expertise, we can perform the research ourselves. Otherwise, we will learn the problem, investigate likely researchers, and assist the customer in setting up a collaboration. Our role is to translate between the business need and the research project--both verbally and operationally. Based on our experience in transferring research projects to business, we can fill the gap between and interesting research project and a practical business solution.

One particular area of focus is Life Sciences Consulting--consulting in informatics development for life sciences, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and software companies.

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